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About Us

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Core Values
Academic Preparation

    Students will receive an excellent academic education that is Biblically based and accommodating of the unique design of each student so that they possess the knowledge and skills to function effectively in a diverse world, equipped for the next endeavor; whether instruction or occupation.

Biblical Discernment

    Students will possess a knowledge and understanding of God's Word so that they are able to defend a Biblical worldview and can critically evaluate the current culture in light of God's Word.

Spiritual Growth Through Community

    Gifted and passionately committed Christian teachers and staff who positively influence students, will provide an authentic and vibrant Christian community that encourages spiritual growth and fosters a sense of belonging and acceptance. Students will be encouraged in a growing relationship with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Service to God and Others

    Students will learn to carry out their life's work as a calling from God, reflecting Christ's love in their family, neighborhood, and throughout the world, while seeking in all endeavors to "do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with their God".


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